Discover more about how you can work with Tia below:

Intuitive Insight Session

An intuitive Insight Session is a spiritual clarity session where Tia provides the over arching theme of a situation and clarity to help you go deeper to understand and be proactive in the situation.

Book An Intuitive Insight session with Tia: $300/30 Minutes

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are willing to embrace your inner knowledge that will be uncovered.
  • You welcome the possibilities of what you can do.
  • You are willing to go deeper, understand more, and be proactive in implementing the strategies.

30 Minute Session

Empowerment Strategy Session

Are you feeling stuck and having to deal with an energetic block? As a Reiki and Angel Therapy Practitioner®, Tia will address your chakras concerns in relation to your energetic blocks and work with the angels to help release forms of attachment.

Book An Empowerment Strategy session with Tia: $300/30 mins

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are willing to let go of the blockage that’s holding you back.
  • You want to break old patterns and move on to the next level of you.
  • You are willing to get back on the path of your purpose and embrace transformation.

30 Minute Session

Dream Coaching Session

Being able to understand your dreams is an insight into understand your subconscious, your thoughts and feelings just below the surface. Imagine how easier live would be if you can understand that weird dream you had the other night? Tia is a Gateway Dreaming ™ Practitioner who helps you to crack the code of your dreams and help you understand how it relates to your waking life.

Book a Dream Coaching Session with Tia: $400 per Hour

These sessions are for you if:

  • You are curious about the wide world of dreams.
  • You are open-minded about the multiple meanings of the archetypes, themes, and symbols in your dreams.
  • You are willing to be proactive to remember your dreams.

60 Minute Session