Hello and welcome to Tia’s fave resource list where she provides tools for you to expand and take your biz and life to the next level! The tools listed below are what Tia uses and have benefited from in her business and life. Because Tia is using these products now, you don’t have to wonder about an empty promise of the usefulness of the tools. Tia knows, likes, and trusts the products below!

Before you take the dive to immersing yourself in the products below, here are a few things you need to know: 

Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means that if you make a purchase, Tia will earn a commission. However, you will not incur an additional cost. Also note that Tia recommends the tools below because she has first-hand experience with the businesses from which she found them to be beneficial, not because of the small commissions she’ll make if you decide to make a purchase. Only invest in the products you believe will help you in your business and life.

Tia also updates this list regularly.

Style Your Social Media

I’ve done a lot of independent research about social media and spent hours upon hours designing images for my social media. While it’s great to learn about the social media world and how to create images for social media, it is time consuming and, at a certain point, it’s more beneficial to delegate the research and image creation. Save time and reduce the learning curve in this realm by diving into the following services!

InstantBoss serves as a central location for ways to elevate your Instagram (and now other social medias like Pinterest), hashtag library for your industry, and an extensive list of must join Facebook groups for connections and promotions.

Haute Stock, formerly known as Haute Chocolate, is the go-to place for “Styled Stock Photos” as their styled stock library (which gets updated on the 1st and 15th each month) provides seemingly endless unique photos such as bohemian workspace, feeling zen, blush and black flatlays. Haute Stock also provides images with sayings and occasional gifs. Save time on creating your Instagram, Facebook, and other social media images and posts by joing the Haute Stock family!

Stay Connected With Your Tribe

Being a fair weather entrepreneur will not grow your business or your credibility. There are certain systems and tools I’ve implemented in my business so that my tribe is constantly in contact with me and my message.

ConvertKit has been a game changer in my email set up and consistency. User friendly and versatile, I recommend ConvertKit for the advance and newbie email list builder!

LeadPages has been instrumental in my usage for opt-ins to my email list, among other awesome perks. I recommend using LeadPages for help with opt-in set up, conversion, video, and webinar promotions.

Be An Influencer; Get Your Blog On

I’m a writer at heart. Writing is my passion. We need direction from time to time to help us in our writing journey. Below is what I love to use to help me capitalize on my blogging game and grow in being a influencer in various subjects.

Podcasts You Need In Your Life

Listening to podcasts is a quick and fun way to get educated in various topics while on-the-go! Here are some of my fave podcasts to listen to where ever and when ever.