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2019 Oracle Card reading

How cool would it be to receive a heads up or guidance about what you should focus on – each month – in order to level up various areas in your life?


I’m bringing back offering readings and I’m offering detailed oracle card reading report for each month of 2019!

Before I did readings for myself and others, many times we felt like we were overreacting to situations, being crazy, or feeling like we are overwhelmed with making decisions and letting go of certain relationships.

Oracle readings are great visual aids to provide insights to what’s going on in our lives and possibilities of what can happen.

From readings, I have learned that I’m not crazy or overly emotional. I’m simply going through a life cycle or learning a lesson or have to realize to keep going because Spirit is working on a few things in the background.

The investment for this reading is $100. The number 100 is symbolic for keeping high vibrating thoughts and that Spirit is assisting you 100%.


“I found Tia when I was feeling emotionally stuck and worried, and noticed it was seeping into my dreams and affecting my sleep. What really stood out about her was how well she listened and her passion and knowledge for dreams and messages. After our call I felt some of the worry had shifted, and many things she said stirred a deep inner knowing and confidence that had been hidden from me. A weight was lifted and shortly after things in the stuck situation shifted drastically and the bad dreams stopped. Thank you Tia!!” Dana

Meditation Mentor

“Tia helped me to make this change – she is a Goddess herself – gentle and patient, kind, ready to help at any time.

Her talent is unique – she finds the best way to help you – her readings, dream coachings, reiki healings, or goddess healings help you to reconnect with your higher self and you know exactly what to do next.

It’s pure magic!”


“I have had a recurring dream several years and I had no idea what it meant. I always thought it meant I was going to die because I woke up before falling off a cliff. You explained that was not necessarily the case. She explained the symbolism in the dream, my role in the dream, and what it meant in my real life. This made me feel much better and I trust Tia and thank her for dissecting the meaning of my dream.”

Kandi "KC BIZBOSS" Conda

Hall of Famer, Brand Concierge

The Breakdown

What You’ll Receive With Your Reading:


A detailed downloadable personalized report.

Your Spread

A high-resolution image of your oracle card spread.


One, 30-minute follow-up call to discuss your reading.

The investment for this reading is $100. The number 100 is symbolic for keeping high vibrating thoughts and that Spirit is assisting you 100%.