A process in which you cleanse your life from negative self-talk, negative people, and environments that don’t promote your personal growth to making room for a magickal life where all the abundance you’re looking to claim is waiting for you.

Remove Stale & Negative Energy From Your Life.

Through genuine evaluation and letting go rituals, Tia will guide you to detox from your life that which is not doing you justice.

Now, It's Your Time!

Let’s release what’s holding you back and address mindset concerns so you can create the life you desire.

Guiding You To Achieve A Life Where Energy Easily Flows Towards Your Highest Good.

Remember, YOU are the magick. How strong will your magick be if your life is cluttered with stale and negative energy?

How amazing would it be if you were able to have that shift in your life where you identify and remove the negative people from your life, reduce what wastes your time, create time for just you, get rid of even the small things you dismiss but have a huge impact on your environment, and more?

I welcome you to the 7 Day Detox Your Life Challenge training that will take place online where my main goal for you is to rid your life of anything or anyone who isn’t adding value in your life!

                                                                          What We Will Cover

Who is The Life Detox For?

The Life Detox is for anyone who wants to live a magickal life but understands that there are some practical, seemingly mundane, things that need to be addressed first to make way for the magick to flow boldly throughout their life.

The Life Detox is a process in which you cleanse your life from negativity in the form of negative self-talk, negative people, and environments that don’t promote growth and creativity.

The purpose of The Life Detox is to clear space and make room for you to let go of the very things that are holding you back from your greatness.

Essentially, it’s working toward a sense of relief, purpose, and fulfillment that was once clouded with toxicity. 

The Life Detox is for people who want to make that conscious leap towards being a beacon of their own light from the inside out, who want to make the commitment to themselves to be in a better place mentally, spiritually, and physically, and to step into their own power where you are living your truth unapologetically.

  • We will discuss the power players in your life
  • Truly defining your happiness
  • Discover what truly working and not working in your life
  • Embracing your purpose
  • We will discuss various time blocks
  • Figure out where your time is being wasted
  • Discover areas that need to be outsourced to free up your time
  • We will go over what needs to be deleted from your phone
  • Apps to help you stay organized
  • Ways to put the phone down and live in the moment
  • We will discuss how much time per day you devote to yourself (going to the bathroom doesn’t count)
  • Gratitude levels
  • Your non-negotiables
  • B.A.R.N.
  • What are the clothes you wear, saying about you?
  • Dressing like a Goddess
  • Clothes to get rid of ASAP
  • We will connect with the base aka root chakra
  • How do you talk to and treat your money?
  • Better ways to take care of and attract more money in your life
  • How do you think about yourself?
  • Negative talk detox
  • Addressing and deleting obsolete beliefs
  • Unlocking the true you

What You Will Receive:

  • *Video training
  • *Pdf downloads
  • *A private Facebook group 
  • *Bonus material

About Me

I help spiritually centered women who want to live their truth, unlock their powers, reconnect with the goddess, and create the magickal life of her desires. Tia is an eclectic witch,  certified healer, author, podcaster, and speaker. I have appeared in several publications, podcasts, and radio shows, such as the Huffington Post, Thrive Global, BEN FM, and Australia’s  I AM woman magazine. I have spoken at several conferences and events in Canada, Ghana, Bahamas, Mexico, and throughout the United States.