A free 3-day virtual summit for witches, spell casters, goddesses, healers, and the spiritually inclined alike, 

The Unlock Your Magick Summit is here to support YOU to ignite that spark you’ve been feeling to unlock the depths of you, which includes your magick.

To own that portion of yourself, overcome blockages, and work towards creating that magickal life you desire.

So, if you have been experiencing things such as:

*Receiving nudges about your purpose

*A calling of sorts that pulling at your
curiosity about magick

*Weird things have been happening to you

*You’re ready to learn more about yourself

*You’ve been wanting to focus more on boundaries and confidence

*You want to unleash the true you that’s just dying to come out

*You feel witchy and want to learn more about the sacred feminine

*You want to be part of a magickal sisterhood

Among other things then you’re in the right place!

Each day, you can expect the following themes:

Day 1: Practical Magick

Day 1 will focus on the logic and reasoning, behind the scene work, such as confidence, boundaries, creating daily rituals, life purpose, spiritual & business, and understanding the language of Spirit.


Day 2: Unlocking Your Magick

Day 2 will focus on discovering and harnessing one’s gifts, such as the clairs, working with goddesses, sacred feminine archetypes, and visualization magick.


Day3: Enchantment Magick

Day 3 will focus on using magick to create that desirable magickal life, such as protection magick, menstrual divination, cosmic magick, female and male energy, and self-love rituals.

Meet The Speakers:

Sam  Johnson


Sam teaches women how to tap into and magnify that magic that’s already inside of them through witchcraft and tarot. Her goal is to make witchcraft accessible, fun, and applicable to real life. A professional witch and tarot reader, Sam specializes in breaking down the mystic into the simple and practical.




Rejys Cowan is a life coach, intuitive empath, holistic healer, and podcaster. Her passion is helping women to get out of stress and overwhelm and back into Zen and purpose through personal development, self-care, and spiritual -holistic tools.




I’m Logan Orihuela, The Spiritual Hustler. I empower and equip ambitious women with the skills, mindset, and strategies to lead themselves in life and business.

Flora Ware


Flora Ware is a paradigm shifter, dream igniter, and goddess guide. She serves a global community of women through her online business as a Temple Priestess, Sacred Business Coach and Leadership Mentor.

Nike Aurea


Nike Aurea is a Creative Intuitive and Divine Feminine Empowerment Coach that works with Goddesses, Ancestral Healing, and Shadow Work. She is here to help connect souls to their femininity, increase their flow of abundance & start living in their purpose while tapping into shadow work for transformative healing!




Laura Carmody (she/her) is a menstrual health and empowerment educator, and the founder of Priestessing the Paradigm Shift. She loves to support people as they cultivate deep and meaningful relationships with their bodies and cycles. Laura trains groups and individuals in Red Tent Facilitation, and brings practical Red Tent bleeding spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Tia Lynn



Tia is a serial entrepreneur who LOVES what I do, I own a festival clothing line with ugly Christmas sweaters, Marketing & Confidence Coach, and other side hustles. I help women coaches & business owners stand out online to attract and gain more clients through owning their Purpose, Pleasure, and Power!!

Tia  Johnson


Tia helps spiritual centered womxn who want to live their truth unlock their magick, reconnect with the goddesses, and create the magikcal life they desire. Tia Johnson is a spiritual lifestyle coach, eclectic witch, certified healer, author speaker, and podcaster. Tia has spoken at several conferences and events in Canada, Ghana, Bahamas, Mexico, and throughout the United States. 

Day 1: Practical Magick

Rejys Cowan– Waking Up to Your Spiritual Purpose: Your Life Crisis is a Wake-Up Call

Sam Johnson- Magickal Living: Everyday Witchy Life & Self Care

Tia Lynn CampbellSpecial LIVE event: Enhance Pleasure & Power to Increase Profit

Tia Johnson– Building & Maintaining Your Boundaries & Confidence


Day 2: Unlocking Your Magick

Flora Ware– Evolving Consciousness through Sacred Feminine Archetypes

Nike Aurea– Unlocking Your Gifts Through The Clairs 

Tia Johnson-Visualization Magick To Manifest Your Desires


Day3: Enchantment Magick

Laura Carmody– Menstrual Divination

Nike Aurea-Working With Goddesses To Create A Desirable Life 

Tia Johnson- Self-love Rituals & Protection Magick

Logan Orihuela– Finding Your Own Spiritual Hustle

Here’s what you can expect:

*A sacred space in which you can reflect

*Strategies to help you in your path from finding your purpose to protection magick.

*A shift in your belief system about what you’re capable of doing

*A group of loving and supportive teachers who want you to succeed 

*Opportunity to be part of a magickal sisterhood

*And, more!

Here’s what you’ll receive:

*LIVE event with Tia Lynn Campbell

*Downloadable pre-recorded video and audio of the summit links sent to your email.

*Special freebies