Hello, there!

First and foremost, I want to say, “Thank you” for choosing yourself and allowing me to join you on your spiritual path.

I’ve been there where something weird happens that you can’t quiet explain.

Some people told you that you’re overreacting, too sensitive, or to get over it.

But, you know better. Vibes don’t lie! And, if only you had a firm way to express your thoughts, feelings, and spiritual gifts. 

Deep down, you’re a kind person and people take that as weakness or take advantage of your kindness.

You go over and beyond for those you love, yet you’re feeling like “When’s my turn to be appreciated, recognized, and so forth”?

You look “different” (or at least thinking about it) according to “society’s” standards.

You often think “There must be more”.

Allow me to introduce you to the new witch stage, which I affectionately call the Mildred Hubble stage.

Mildred Hubble is a character in the show, The Worst Witch. She’s new to the witchy world. She’s different, loves fiercely, is willing to learn, is very powerful but needs guidance. 

Some of the main things you want to focus on includes:



*Discovering your gifts

*Declaring your truth

Feels familiar? Then click here to go to the Brightest Witch stage or join us in The Enchantress Coven here.