A free 3-day virtual summit for spiritually centered people who want to unleash their inner sex goddess! 


    Are you ready to unleash that sacred, sensual, sexual unihibited goddess          within?

The Sex Goddess Summit is here to support YOU to turn up the volume on your sacred feminine energy, creative and personal power energy, and sex magick.


Give yourself the sovereignty to own that portion of yourself!

This summit is for you if:

*You’ve been wanting to get more connected with yourself on a sexual level, but have some shame, guilt, or judgement around it. 


*A calling of sorts that pulling at your curiosity about sex magick.

*You have been somewhat practicing sex magick and want to learn more.

*You’re ready to learn more about yourself

*You’ve been wanting to focus more on your receiving and sensual side.

*You want to unleash the sexual you. 

*You want to live a more pleasurable life.

*You want to be more connected to your body and not live outside your body

Meet The Speakers:




Gwen is a sexuality & spirituality guide, a tarot reader for lovers & biz babes, and a Venus-devoted love witch. Gwen’s work centers on pleasure, intuition, and self-trust, so her clients can attune to and achieve their desires. She balances science and spirituality to help ambitious witches amplify their allure and gain goddess-level confidence.




Reva Wild is an Erotic Embodiment & Sacred Sexuality Coach and Mentor with her BA in Sexuality, Relationship & Family Studies. Teaching in the realms of conscious and tantric relating, she brings a grounded trauma informed lens to esoteric and cosmic sexuality.




I Amanda Sachartoff is a nonbinary, psychic queer witch who empowers girls, gays, and theys to live an authentic and fulfilling life by unsibscribing to capitalist and societal norms, connecting to their intuition, and breaking trauma cycles.






Sacred sex and relationship coach specialized in the Erotic Blueprints and Goddess Activation.




Monica  Jayne is an activist for social awakening and justice; genderqueer, polypansexual; certified in Queer Competency, the Erotic Blueprints™, Yoga,




Aariana creates sacred spaces that help women tap into their divine feminine energy using the law of attraction and magick to manifest a life of abundance and happiness.




Kimra is a pleasure activist, trauma-informed business coach, and healer.

Tia  Johnson


Tia helps spiritual centered femmes who want to live their truth unlock their magick, reconnect with the goddesses, and create the magikcal life they desire. Tia Johnson is a spiritual lifestyle coach, eclectic witch, certified healer, author speaker, and podcaster. Tia has spoken at several conferences and events in Canada, Ghana, Bahamas, Mexico, and throughout the United States. 

Day 1:

Gwen Walsh– Solo Sex Magic: The Power of Your Pleasure


Amanda Sachartoff –Healing Trauma and Creating Safety in Your Body Through Sex Magick


Tia Johnson– Radical Self-Love


Day 2:

Reva Wild – Reclaiming Sacred Kink: The Energetic Power of Surrender and Mastery

Stephanie Pappas– Sex Magick


Tia Johnson-Working With Sex Goddesses to manifest your desires



Monica  Jayne– Deshamify Sexuality: A Reclamation of Your Sex Goddess


Aariana Victoria- How To Use Divine Feminine Energy To Attract & Manifest


Tia Johnson- Your Chakras & Sex Magick


Kimra Luna– Sacred Self-Pleasure Practice For Healing The Womb


Here’s what you can expect:


*You can go at your own pace. All the videos are pre-recorded and downloadable. 


*Strategies to help you along your sexual goddess path from ways to heal from sexual trauma to embracing yourself wholly and completely. 


*A shift in your belief system about what sex is, your pleasures, communicating your needs and wants, and more.

*A group of loving and supportive teachers who want you to embody the sex goddess within you! 

*Opportunity to be part of a magickal sisterhood

*And, more!


Here’s what you’ll receive:

*Downloadable pre-recorded video and audio of the summit links sent to your email.


*Special freebies