Thinking of Joining The Enchantress Coven?

Here’s What You Can Expect Within

The Enchantress Coven:

* A supportive, non judgement, and sacred space

 * A loving and vulnerable space

 * A magickal sisterhood

 * Monthly goddess themed trainings

 * Monthly workbook

 * Monthly goddess oracle reading

 * Libraries for each witch: New, Brightest, Queen, and


 * Discounts on future retreats and other events

 * Other bonuses 

This is a sacred space where you can consume the material by yourself. You don’t have to work with others.

You can join us for the witchy happy hours and any other live events!

You go at your own pace here.

The Enchantress Coven is your resource and supportive sisterhood community.

You do not have to go through all four of the witch phases. They are just your starting point for what you want to study.

You can stay in any of the phases you like. This is your journey. I’m the co-pilot!

 Enchantress: A beautiful woman or femme who practices magick.


 Coven: Your supportive magickal sisterhood.


The Enchantress Coven is for women and femmes who are ready to make the commitment to themselves by going down the path towards creating and living their best magickal life where:

 *More things work in their favor

 *They’re living their truth

 *They unlocked their magick

 *Reconnected with the goddess

 *Created the magickal life they       desire

 *Takes up space

 * Built strong boundaries &       confidence

 * And, so much more!

Whether you are just starting to unravel your magick or are more familiar with it,The Enchantress Coven is here to support you on multiple levels in your spiritual growth journey.
If you ever felt like:

*All you needed from time to time was some genuine guidance, but instead   received some oppressive and out-of-date advise?

*You have “the gift” but it doesn’t necessarily feel that way and you misread signs   from Spirit?

*You attract certain animals, people, and things? 

*Weird things happen to or around you that you can’t explain. 

*There must be more?

*You’re more powerful in the Fall months?

*Nighttime is better than daytime?

*Things just work for you and you want to keep that energy going?

*You should be living in a magickal society?

*You’re magickal or maybe something about you is magickal and you want to   understand it?

And, all that jazz! Then you’re in the right place!

In The Enchantress Society, I breakdown the spiritual growth journey into four   stages in which I base my classes and approach: 

 The Newbie Witch:  Just starting out, discovering your gifts. Looking for   guidance with confidence, boundaries, magick, and more. Learn more here.

 The Brightest Witch: You’re familiar with your gifts. Looking to expand, go   deeper. Be the best version of you and your gifts. Learn more here.

 The Witch Queen: You’ve created, for the most part, a magickal life, but you’re   still not where you want to be. Looking for support regarding creating your   legacy, finding a supportive community of magickal people, help with your   blindspots, expanding your magick. Learn more here.

 The Witch Goddess: You’re the HBIC! At this point, you’re seeking assistance   in areas such as maintaining and protecting your legacy, developing your   spiritual counsel, writing that book, starting thatYouTube channel, unlocking   more of your magick, learning different ways to show up in the world. Learn   more here.

We are the magick and every woman and femme  has   a beauty to her. So, I wanted to create  a  society where every woman and femme sees their beauty, owns their magick, is uninhibited,  and creates the magickal life they desire.

The magickal life where things work in   their  favor more often than not, they are   healthy, happy, feels whole, is   healing/healed, sexy, powerful, believes in   herself, trust their abilities, and is   prosperous.

Hello! I’m Tia Johnson and for over a decade I have been helping women and femmes to heal and grow spiritually. I’m an eclectic witch, spiritual lifestyle mentor, certified healer, best-selling author, podcaster, and international speaker.

I have been seen in Huffington Post, Thrive Global, Create & Cultivate, radio shows, and magazines. I have spoken at several conferences and events in Canada, Ghana, Bahamas, Mexico, and throughout the United States.

It’s an honor to join you on your spiritual journey!