There is no mistaking it, you are the HBIC and you know it. You protect your energy at all cost. You stay hydrated and mind your business. Spirituality is second-nature to you. You’re a powerful manifestor and you eat shadow work for breakfast!

You know your purpose, you’re living it, and now you’re ready to take it up another notch. 

You’re ready for that new big role or task.

You’ve claimed your sovereignty.

You’re ready to expand your Queendom. You’re legacy is important to you.

But, you’re at a bit of a cross-roads in certain areas of your life. 

Trust is a huge concern for you more than ever.

Not only are you magickal AF and regularly work with goddesses, you also have a celestial, cosmic, connection.

But, learning never stops and experiences never end. So, you still think at times, “What does all this mean and how do I put “it” together from here?

You “get” cycles and understand when things need to end, such as a relationship or a negative mindset belief.

Oh, and you most likely prefer the night over the day.

This stage is The Witch Goddess stage, which I love to reference as Hecate stage.

Hecate is the dark moon goddess of the night, cross-roads, witches, dreamtime messages, to name a few!

Some of the main things you want to focus on includes:

*Maintaining and protecting your legacy

*Unlocking more of your magick

*Learning different ways to show up in the world

*Developing deeper connection with the goddesses and cosmos

*Write that book, start that Youtube Tv show, etc

*Solidify your counsel: spiritual, emotional, etc.