You’ve been through “it” and now know your worth and your capabilities.

It’s your time to trailblaze. The fire has been ignited and there is no turning back. You have unlocked your magick. Actually, your magickal AF! You’ve sacrificed a lot, done shadow work, and you are here to claim your Queendom.

This next chapter is a big, “Now what?” What’s the game plan now that you have done so much work?

You’re basically a completely new bad ass womxn who is developing her new environment, that magickal life you’ve been desiring, your Queendom.

You’re also the bad womxn, the villain, in someone’s story because of all the self-empowerment, protecting your energy that you have done.

You’re just unique, different, and often misunderstood.

Your talents feel like a curse at times because you’re a natural at leadership and more.

You’re powerful and fearlessly protect the ones you love.

You feel whole, complete, but you know that there is always more work to do.

So, what does this new magickal life look like that you’ve been manifesting?

Allow me to introduce you to The Witch Queen stage, which I love to call the Maleficent stage aka my favorite Disney Villain since I was a child.

The story of Maleficent involves her being a misunderstood queen and labeled as “crazy”, when, in fact, she was right on the money.

Some of the main things you want to focus on includes:

*Creating your legacy

*Finding a community of other bad ass supportive women and femmes.

*Learning more about your magick, other forms of magick, and even a bit of the history of magick

*Discover how you truly want to live your truth and show up in the world

The Enchantress Coven was created for you! Learn more here.

There’s a seat for you atThe Enchantress Coven here, Queen!