Work with Tia

Going on this journey of spiritual empowerment will propel you to understand how Spirit is communicating with you, trust your gifts, and help you to feel safe discussing your gifts in public. You will realign yourself with your ultimate purpose, developing your spiritual gifts, and stepping into your power. You will unlock the mysteries of life.

Healing energetic blocks, such as blockages in your chakras, emotions, or aura, will lead you on a path of unlocking your true potential in what you want to accomplish in life.  Also, you’ll begin to make yourself a priority on a consistent basis, or as I like to call it one of your non-negotiable self-care actions. Negativity won’t have as much of an impact in your life because you will hone in on techniques that will help you to boost having healthy boundaries in your life.

Receptivity to being nurtured and honoring your healing process will become the norm.

Having clarity in your life means the difference between thinking things are happening to you as opposed to understanding the ebb and flow of life. For example, when I discuss how we are affected by the energies of the full moon, the constant response I receive is, “Omg! Thank you. I thought I was just being crazy.” Through understanding your spiritual gifts and overcoming the energetic blocks, you will develop deep clarity about yourself, your purpose, the spiritual messages you receive, your connection with people, situations, and Spirit.

Ready to remove energetic blocks, understand your intuitive gifts, and live an empowered life?

Tia is a passionate spiritual mentor who taps into the universal energy to help people interpret divine messages, heal on multiple levels, and experience the gift of relief that clarity provides. Through her works, Tia has been able to help people domestically and internationally by means of workshops, conferences, cruises, and 1-on-1 consultations.